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Examples of our current Talent Pool

We fully understand that unearthing the best talent in the marketplace is one of the most challenging and significant tasks you will undertake. We are passionate and committed to delivering you talent, who will make a real difference to your business. We know who they are in your industry, we know where they are and more importantly we know how to attract them to positions in your organisation.

Please see below for some of the most skilled and talented candidates we are currently representing.  If you would like more information on these candidates, please contact and a member of our team will get in contact with you.


Manging Director - Candidate (22462)

An ambitious and focused Managing Director who has over 35 years’ experience within the Aerospace industry.  They have experience in complex project management and are commercially and technically competent.

  • Currently responsible for the financial, commercial and operational aspect of both UK and European operations.
  • Experienced in leading New Product Development.
  • Has previously implemented, develop and led new IFE ideas and products.
  • Experience in maintaining Part 21J approval.
  • Has successfully of leading a team to turn a company with deficit budget into a profit-making operation.
  • Ability to consistently maintain and improve the organisational and product approvals (EASA Part 21J, GCAA CAR21 DOA, PART ‘M’ Continued Airworthiness & PART 145 Maintenance and other airworthiness regulatory requirements).
  • Is a FORM 4 Holder (Head of Design & Chief of Airworthiness).
  • Is CAA/EASE JAR66 licenced.


Engineering Director and Head of Design - Candidate (50491)

A dedicated and experienced Aerospace Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years' experience in aerospace manufacturing and design operations; 20 years at senior management level.

  • Has experience working with EASA Part 21J, and has been specifically involved with cabin changes.
  • Has a full understanding of EASA CS 25 airworthiness requirements related to cabin interiors.
  • Extensive knowledge of both POA and Part 145 requirements.
  • In each of their multi-discipline managerial roles, they have successfully increased productivity and efficiency, reduced project timescales and restructured design activities.
  • In a previous role, they reduced design processes by introducing Solid Edge 3d CAD systems.


Deputy Head of Design Organisation & Site Engineer - Candidate (08174)

A motivated and ambitious Deputy Head of Design, who has substantial knowledge of technical, regulatory and governance experience across different types of Part 21J DOA, and Part 21G POA.

  • Experience in Manging multimillion dollar programmes, and manging a site Engineering budget of £1m.
  • Has responsibility of the maintenance of the Design Organisation Handbook and day to day operation of the DOA.
  • Experience of generating STCs.
  • Responsible for airworthiness and continued airworthiness.
  • Experience in implementing Risk Assessment Processes, in line with customer requirements.
  • Has a technical background of both Part 21J and CS25 & CS23.
  • Successfully maintained and developed DOA from a single site to a 3 site DOA.
  • Experience in introducing LEAN.
  • MSc (with distinction) in Engineering & Management.


Head of Design - Candidate (47495)

A highly skilled and committed Head of Design, who has worked within EASA DOAs for over 10 years’, and has over 30 years’ experience in design engineering and compliance verification, predominantly within the Civil and Military Aerospace industries.

  • Experience in managing and leading teams of up to 16 Engineers.
  • Experience in liaising with the National Airworthiness Authorities.
  • Has been responsible for ensuring full compliance verification with design requirements.
  • Experience of Project Management.
  • During their career, they successfully gained full DOA approval within 4 months of setting up a company.
  • Experience in compiling design and certification documentation.
  • HNC in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Experienced with primary and secondary structures.


CVE Avionics Engineer - Candidate (47116)

A motivated and experienced CVE Avionics Engineer who has been in a lead role for over 5 years, focusing on interior avionic equipment and electrical systems related to cabin interiors.

  • Experienced in working on VIP and commercial aircrafts, specialising in the design of ICD systems, navigation systems and IFE.
  • Has CVE signatory on avionics and electrical systems.
  • Experienced in working with EASA directly on design changes on wide body commercial aircrafts.
  • Knowledge of Sub Part D & F.
  • Secured patent whilst working at a previous company for wireless internet connection and IFE technology.
  • Involved with the lead team at his current company, in securing DOA status.
  • Master’s Degree of Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Bachelors of Aviation Electronics Engineering.
  • Speaks three languages fluently.


CVE Avionics/Electrical Engineer - Candidate (46291)

A focused and dedicated CVE Avionics/Electrical Engineer who has over 10 years’ experience working in the aircraft industry, encompassing interiors, seating and lighting. 

  • Experience working on passenger seats and cockpits, working on the design of the electrical systems and how to integrate onto the aircraft.
  • Has worked on designing avionic systems with OEM’s, as well as directly for airlines in a commercial setting, mainly in retrofit.
  • Privileges on electrical systems/avionics.
  • Recognised as a subject matter expert, and has various publications written on Navigation systems.
  • Bachelors Degree of Engineering Sciences.
  • Speaks four languages fluently.



Head of Field Services and Operations - Candidate (22296)

A superbly charismatic and innovative business leader with over twenty-years in the rotating equipment market place.  Through their talent, they have delivered a tremendous turn around in terms of turnover and profitability for their current employer in a very challenging market place. This included delivering an increase in profit of 20% when other divisions were seeing significant losses. Their ability to gain buy-in from their team to go the extra mile he believes was pivotal in achieving this result. A great team player!

  • Experience of working in a customer facing environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of Health and Safety/Environmental regulations.
  • Direct management of 30+ staff combining service and operations.
  • Successfully delivered robust QSHE culture and training.
  • Experience working with business compliance and international delegation processes and regulations.


Field Service Director - Candidate (50808)

A highly talented business leader with a thirteen-year proven track record of managing complex projects, improving profitability and implementing turn around in challenging environment in Europe and the Middle East.  His experience encompasses managing a large team, extensive intricate project management and supporting business development.  Developed career from engineering through to second in command in his current organisation.

  • Profit and Loss responsibility for all projects.
  • Experience planning and executing maintenance contracts.
  • Experience in contract negotiation.
  • Speaks fluent Spanish, English.
  • Degree in Industrial Engineering: Electro Mechanics complimented with an MBA.


Field Service Manager UK & Scandinavia - Candidate (25783)

A skilled and talented business leader, with extensive experience over the past twenty-year, leading outages projects ranging from one site personnel to a team of seventy-five. They have experience in managing service staff, sub-contractors and customers working in oil & gas, refining, LNG, petrochemical, nuclear and power generation.

  • P&L responsibility for the UK and Scandinavian service operations.
  • Successes have included achieving an increase in profitability by 17% through devising and implementing a growth strategy supported by lean implementation.
  • Countries worked in include UK, Scandinavia, Poland, Africa.
  • Implemented a robust forecasting process to support the needs of the business this was implemented globally.
  • Experience in Senior Operations and Programme Management.


Site Services Director - Candidate (50807)

An ambitious and focused Site Services Director, with over ten-years’ experience in the energy sector.  They are responsible for managing different contracts with customers including; LTSA, LTPRA and Outage Contracts.

  • Experience in Project Management.
  • Management of various MHPS group resources.
  • Experience in Steam Turbine, Main Valves, HRSG and Gas Turbine operation support.
  • Has experience in managing various size teams including leading a team of 15.
  • Responsible for assigning, measuring and utilising each KPI for each single project and ensuring they are fulfilled.
  • Speaks fluent Spanish, Italian and English.


Operations Director - Candidate (20517)

An experienced and career driven Operations Director who has worked in rotating equipment services for many years.  In their current role, they have been leading the sales, marketing and business development, whilst influencing the operations and project management side of operations.

  • Has experience working with customers within the marine, oil & gas, power generation and energy sectors.
  • Worked with engine, pumps, electrical and automated systems products.
  • Has experience leading teams within coils, valves and propulsion equipment.
  • Has been responsible for budgets up to £12m, and up to £1.2b of inventory.
  • Has led teams of up to 100 people.
  • In a previous role, he successfully improved productivity by 50% and reduced costs by 20%, whilst continuing the same level of activity.
  • BSc Degree in Computing and Business Analysis.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt.


Rotating Plant Operations Manager - Candidate (18110)

A qualified and talented business leader, who has worked in rotating equipment for the past ten years.  They have developed their career from Senior Project Manager to Operations Manager, leading £47m worth of LTSA and O&M agreements. 

  • Current customer expertise has been focused on Power Generation. 
  • Experience of managing suppliers, staff, operations and project managers, and outage contracts ranging from £25m to £100m each.
  • QSHE has been an integral part of their role, and they have also gone through NEBOSH, focusing on behaviours. 
  • In a previous role, they were responsible for maximising the financial performance.  They did this by introducing cost tolls and forecasting processes, which resulted in leading the team to manage zero work in progress costs.
  • MBA in Engineering Management (with merit).
  • MSc (Eng.) in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology.
  • BEng (Hons) 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering.


General Manager - Candidate (48356)

A motivated and experienced General Manager who has worked in diverse markets, which have included marine, oil & gas, retail side of power generation, railway engines and hovercrafts.

  • Has a background in distribution and servicing throughout their career?
  • In their current role, they have led a 5-year strategy plan, working with all areas of the business sales, operations, service, engineering etc.  Developing and implementing the strategy in the first two years, the business grew from £150m to £350m.
  • Has had full P&L responsibility for their current business.
  • In a previous role, they successfully restructured and merged the marine and oil & gas businesses by cutting the management overheads, and by creating one leadership team.
  • Successfully secured a £7.5m contract to create a solution for a fleet of naval vessels.
  • MBA (distinction) in Organisational Change Readiness.
  • HND (distinction) in Mechanical Engineering.


UK Operations Manager - Candidate (48341)

An ambitious and focused Operations Manager who has worked in rotating equipment throughout all his career, and has worked in energy with producers and transmissions.  This has included the servicing or building upstream or downstream of turbines and boilers in the coal fired industry.

  • Has always worked on the service side, managing and leading contracts /LTSA.
  • In their last roles, their focus has been on increasing productivity and profitability of the business.
  • Through their strategy, they successfully grew the operation from £1.2m to £15m within one fiscal year.
  • Has held full P&L in their last roles.
  • Currently managing a portfolio of contracts worth £48m.
  • Has been responsible for restructuring teams regarding their commercial performance and the delivery of projects, which has resulted in the improvement of project KPIs, and has increased efficiencies for both the customer and the business.

If you are interested in any of the talent we are managing the careers for, please contact us, to discuss how they could assist you in achieving your critical business goals.


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