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The first stage of our process is to gain an in depth and thorough understanding of your organisation, the role and your expectations and key criteria of the required candidate. From these initial discussions we can build a profile of the ideal candidate and start to develop a project plan; identifying a target list of companies within your market. Arguably the most important stage in the process; this forms the basis of the whole search as we start to develop a tailored approach to help achieve your project goals.


Unlike ‘traditional’ recruiters we understand that finding the best talent requires much more than posting an advert on a job board and then sifting through and abundance of CV’s. Our consultants go directly in to your marketplace with the clear aim of sourcing you the best possible person for the role, not the most available.

Assessment and Qualifying

Suitable candidates undertake several interviews and screening techniques with our consultants to ensure their suitability for the role and your company:

  • Initial discussion – gauge basic career experience, qualifications and personality to assess their suitability for the role.
  • Further career discussion – hour long interview with the candidate on the back of the previous conversation, going over their CV and delving further in to their skills and experience. The questions in this interview will be specifically related to the role itself.
  • Personal Career Assessment – Completed by the candidate; the purpose of this document is to elaborate further on the topics covered in the career discussion and gives the candidate to give a detailed account of relevant projects and experience they have been involved in. Again, much of this assessment will be unique to the role. Once completed this report will be submitted to the client before any interview.

Presentation of candidates

Once screened we will present you with a shortlist of candidates with the following documents to support their interview:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Career Assessment
  • Candidate interview summary – Outline of the candidate based on our discussions. This highlights their skills and experience with the key search criteria devised in the ‘needs analysis

Prep and Debrief

What truly sets us apart from other executive search consultants are the measures we go to in ensuring that your meetings with potential candidates go as well as possible. Upon confirmation of interview will endeavour to comprehensively prepare both the candidate and client; whether it is a face to face meeting or a telephone interview, we work with both parties to ensure that they are fully prepared and that both can achieve the most out of this meeting. We initiate detailed pre and post interview discussion with both parties to prepare for the interview and to share feedback. This process is repeated throughout the ensuing interview stages; ensuring consistency and a thorough assessment by both candidate and client.


After the preferred candidate is chosen, the process of salary and offer negotiation will then commence. We will act as the main point of contact in this process to ensure both parties’ are satisfied. As a network, we have placed tens of thousands of candidates and as a result have generated a wealth of invaluable market data; we have the ability to provide you with up-to-date market salary surveys to ensure that you’re paying the right price for your talent. Additionally we will facilitate all offer and salary negotiations on the candidate’s behalf, whilst providing any necessary support with counter-offers should this situation arise. Upon offer and acceptance we will then provide you with a detailed post search report featuring an outline of the objective, executive summary, extensive salary breakdown, candidate feedback and a completed time plan.

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on forging long lasting partnerships with both parties and we understand that our job doesn’t end at offer acceptance. During a candidates notice period we keep in regular communication with them to ensure ensuring that nothing stops them from moving forward. Additionally, we acknowledge that the candidate’s preliminary months in the role are critical to the chances of success. We will work closely with the candidate offering objective guidance to help them deal with any integration challenges and adjustments. This gives us the opportunity to make you aware of any potential issues, in order to address them before they potentially become problems. We never underestimate both the importance of a successful hire for our client but also the impact of a career move on the professional and personal life of the candidate.

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