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It is suggested that 80% of a company’s revenue is tied to around 20% of their employees. With this in mind, there has never been a greater motive to find the right talent for your company. Recruiting key players is an exciting prospect for your company and one that can be essential to the growth and further development of your business.

We undersand, however, that the responsibility of finding the right talent can be a daunting and extremely challenging time for you and your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you believe you are an expert at finding, attracting and hiring top talent?
  • How many people have you successfully sourced in the last year that have positively impacted your business?
  • What does it cost your organisation in terms of productivity, reputation and morale to have key positions vacant?
  • What does it truly cost for you to source this talent yourself?
  • How much time and money will your business save by working with The Hill Group?

Since 1994 we have worked successfully with many companies in a number of sectors; providing senior recruitment solutions. Throughout this time we have found that they struggle in their search for a number of reasons, including:

  • Rushed decisions i.e. hiring the first person due to necessity and time-pressures.
  • A small network of contacts in the industry
  • An inexperienced recruitment team who lack the ability to attract and sell the opportunity and company to senior level staff.

Today's business environment is complex, competitive, and ever changing. Businesses that can consistently recruit the best people survive and thrive in these uncertain times. Consider the following as you contemplate working with The Hill Group:

We care

Our services go far beyond the call of a ‘traditional’ search consultancy. We firmly believe that our company is an extension of yours; committed to forming strong business partnerships with you in order to develop an astute understanding of your business objectives and challenges. 

We invest time in your business, which allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, employees, products, working environment and culture; a process which ensures that we only source and qualify talent that is a good fit to your organisation and the role. We are your ambassadors in the marketplace.

Our expertise

Over the years we have successfully placed talented directors, managers and specialists within our industry sectors.  Our Executive Search Consultants operate across our 4 divisions and are real industry experts; working and living in your sector. This gives them the market knowledge and expertise to achieve your recruitment objectives with an understanding of the challenges facing you today.

Our process

Much of our success can be accredited to the lengths we go to in order to ensure that we deliver you with the right candidate for your position. Over the years we have developed a robust and successful recruitment process. Working with key decision makers we develop clear, measurable selection and search criteria in order to understand the skills, qualifications and experience which are essential for the role; whilst building a personal profile of attributes that the candidate must possess in order to ensure that they fit the culture of your organisation.

Similarly, we work closely with the candidate throughout the entire process; conducting thorough screening and discussions with them in order to understand their goals in terms of challenges, career advancement and salary expectations.

To learn more about our process, please click here.

We unearth the best talent

Much of the top talent you wish to attract is very happy in their current job. It is the objective of our Executive Search Consultants to source you the best person, not the most available. Finding the right talent requires much more than posting an advert on a job board, searching through LinkedIn or sifting through an alleged 'abundance' of suitable CV’s.

To find you the right person we use a highly effective technique to find the best talent for your company, those who aren’t openly searching the job market. Often referred to as ‘passive candidates’, they are invariably the highest performers and by using every available resource at our disposal, we take no shortcuts in ensuring we find you the best talent in the market even if they are not considering a move. We persuade them to engage in conversation firstly with us and then with you to consider there may be a better challenge and career for them elsewhere.

Access to Market data

As a Network we place tens of thousands of people via our 640+ offices in nearly 35 countries. This provides us with data that helps us to support you in understanding the challenges that you will face in sourcing talent in these uncertain economic times. We are aware of the key motivators, why people move and why they don't; and provide this information to you. Last year we found that 40% of all candidates we placed were motivated by the challenge offered by a role. Additionally, we are aware of salary and relocation challenges and can provide you with accurate data directly from the market place and from your competitors; ensuring that you have clear information to support your decision making.


We understand that time can stop you from sourcing the right talent. We provide a detailed time plan for every project, agreeing commitments with all decision makers. This provides clarity for deadlines and communications between both parties. 

Our aim is to ensure that once you have completed the first interview stage and have decided who to bring back for second interview you are fully aware of their salary and benefits expectations, key things they need to see from you to say ‘yes’ and managing on your behalf anything that could stop them agreeing to accept your offer such as relocation, advancement or family commitments.

We know from the data we collect that the market average is two to three interviews if your process elongates this, the talent you are wishing to employ may drop out of the process as it raises concerns with them. We will coach you at all stages in the process to ensure the role is filled in the most efficient and effective way; allowing the individual to impact on your business as quickly as possible.

Global Talent Network

At times you will have to source talent outside of your region, country or continent. Working with our 640+ independently owned office in nearly 40 countries as part of the MRINetwork, we are able to offer you the same seemless process that we offer on a local level.

This allows us  to provide you with precise information in terms of salary, benefits and local employment regulations and contracts.

The Next Step

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with all the details of our services and to customise a tailored recruitment solution to meet your specific needs. 

For more information, please contact us at


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