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career change motivators

In order to help us identify the right opportunity for you, we need to understand exactly what it is that makes you tick. We like to build a profile of you; understanding your career objectives, needs and aspirations.

One tool that we have found especially effective when assisting individuals in defining their motivations is the CLAMPS model.

The CLAMPS model is an acronym for the six main career motivators:

To help you establish your main career motivators you should:

  • Identify from these six categories what are your most important top three a this moment in your career.
  • Rate the rest in order of scale i.e. 1-6 for each category.
  • Now rate the degree to which your current role satisfied each of the CLAMPS motivators.


When considering this model it is important to bear in mind that over the years, the importance of the elements of the model will change. It may be worthwhile to revisit this model every so often to see how you career motivations change.

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